Welcome to Dancer’s Dream Boutique, a small crafting business run by two passionate ladies trying to fill a niche, mainly in the belly dance community. As small, short dancers who loved color, they noticed that there often weren’t options for costuming that were right for them. With that in mind, they decided to start a business together! Featuring clothing, jewelry, accessories, silk products, and more; Dancer’s Dream Boutique isn’t just here to serve the belly dance community as they originally thought. Instead, these items are great for women (and men, we don’t judge) alike in any walk of life. All items for sale are hand-made by the two passionate ladies, full of love and creativity. They also accept custom orders, should you not see something in the right size or colors.

Catch Us in Person

You can come shop from us in person where we’re vending at the following shows:

To Be Announced

Want us to sell at your show, or think we’d be a good fit? Please contact us with details, we’d love to discuss it with you!

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Meet Samantha

Samantha first tried belly dancing in the spring of 2009, and has been hooked ever since. That passion in dance led her to want to be half of the partnership that is Dancer’s Dream Boutique, where she can exercise a lot of her creative juices to make others smile.

Outside of Dancer’s Dream Boutique, Samantha is a very multifaceted person. She is a self-employed LMT (licensed massage therapist), as well as a freelance photographer. Her great love for creating things means that she has many artistic hobbies, and loves to try new things whenever possible.

When she isn’t working or crafting, she enjoys watching anime, studying history (especially the Viking era, as she does reenactment), and playing games (both online and in person) with friends. She is particularly fond of board games and card games.

Photo © Jennifer Haggerty 2016

Meet Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn has been belly dancing since the mid-’00’s and never looked back. She started garment-making right around the same time. Always crafty and looking to learn new things, she loves beading and sewing unique pieces as the other half of Dancer’s Dream Boutique.

Currently she’s going to school for nursing. Her career before that was as a graphic artist. She has also studied martial arts, as well as other forms of dance. She’s a blogger and storyteller; wife and “cool aunt”. In her free time she likes to keep busy by taking on crazy sewing projects (some of which she ropes her business partner into), picking away at various home projects, and she’s folded more origami in her life than any sane person should. She likes playing with her two cats and reading anything that’s in arm’s reach (often because a cat is on her lap).