Well, it didn’t take very long before we found our very first craft show to attend! When it comes to keeping busy, Gwen and I seem to be the ultimate champions at it. After all the work we put into getting the Etsy Shop up and running, we had originally expected to take a small breather. Yeah, we should have known better.

No sooner do we have the shop up, we make our first sale! Definitely extremely exciting, because being the realist I am sometimes, I had not expected a sale on the first day. I figured it would take some serious marketing to get to that point. Gwen on the other hand not only expected it, but has a dream that we will sell out of flowers before the holidays. Now, I’m inclined to disagree, but wouldn’t it be amazing to prove me wrong? If you think so, then get on over to the shop and prove it! ;D

Now though, we’re not just focusing on the shop. A friend of ours signed up for a craft show in our area, and invited us to join. After a few crazed messages on Facebook (since she was getting ready for work and I was on lunch), we decided that each of us making twenty-five Tsumami Kanzashi flowers by Saturday couldn’t be that hard. So we signed up.

It’s not a traditional craft show though, I just call it that for lack of a better term. The friend who invited us is going to be doing reiki and other similar practices (I can’t remember all of what she said, but all of it sounded wonderful), then there will be some independent sellers there with things like Partylite, and of course crafters like Gwen and myself.

The show will be in the Lake Luzerne area, so if you’re local definitely stop in! All of us would love to see you, and shopping locally for the holidays is a great idea! You’ll be helping out the little guy rather than big corporations, which is always a good thing. That, and it typically means better customer service. 😉

So we’re back into flower-making-mode as of immediately. I’ve already sewn together three as of writing this, and plan on sewing together at  least two more tonight. Friday I will probably be embellishing a lot of flowers all at once, because I find it to be a better workflow overall. Gwen will be crafting in-between her crazy life of two day jobs. So it’s going to be busy! But well worth it, and lots of fun!

And hey, anything we don’t sell at the craft show we will be able to put up on Etsy! So you just might get to see more stuff sooner than you expected! That’s always good, right? ;D

After this, we’re going to swing back into the petal skirts too. They’re the whole reason we got into this mess together, so we probably ought to complete some. LOL Look forward to it! <3