Okay, it’s official! I am done messing around with the coding and graphics of the site, it’s all set and ready to go! So I really hope that you enjoy the appearance of it, and that things are easy to read. If you have any issues viewing the site, please let us know. C:

Now that the site is done though, that means it’s time to focus on crafting! The launch date for our Etsy Shop is going to be Cyber Monday! That’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, so we’re working fast and furious to make sure we meet that deadline! I promise you, it’s going to be totally worth it! It’s going to start off with Kanzashi Flowers, but eventually we’ll also have some petal skirts up for sale as well. We’re also playing around with some other awesome skirt ideas, so stay tuned for the beauty!

Enjoy the site, anticipate the amazing items! <3