I’d like to take a minute to review a shop local to the 518 area code, that really is the start of the jewelry that we now offer. Not too far from where we’re located (out of our homes), in the quaint village of Ballston Spa, NY, is a small basement-store called A Bead Just So. It’s run by a former employee of Saratoga Beads, which closed when the respective owner retired. This former employee didn’t want to see the area lose a local bead shop, so she decided to open her own store. While opening in Saratoga Springs, NY would have been nice, so that she could have been near where the old shop was, it also came with a price tag that was not in the right range. So Ballston Spa was a great place to choose instead, and lucky for me I heard about it relatively soon after she opened.

It was not a place I visited immediately though, and I am sad about that. It took a few months before I made it in, but it was like falling in love all over again. When Saratoga Beads was open, I went there every now and again to string some beads and enjoy myself. Ballston Spa is actually a little bit closer for me, and it’s far easier to locate parking and to get where you need to go. So overall, I personally think she has a much better location than Saratoga Beads.

While quaint, the shop has a lot to offer. Not only is there a good variety of beads and selection of colors, but there are fun classes that you can take. It was these classes that started what you’ve been seeing for jewelry. I wasn’t sure I’d like beading, but within two classes I was completely hooked and now I’m a frequent flyer. Actually, I’m typically introduced as the person who takes all the classes (but that’s not true, I’ve skipped one or two… Haha), and the owner and I are on a first-name basis.

If I need something and she doesn’t have it, if she can’t order it she’s always willing to recommend places I can get said item. If she can order it, she does (within reason and certain understandings). She’s extremely helpful in recommending beads when I’m a bit lost on a pattern or project, and she’s interested in the projects I’m doing and genuinely excited to see my final results. Overall Kate (the owner), is a very charismatic person whose love for beading transcends into her business and makes the shop a very welcoming place.

It’s not just adults who love it either, she has plenty of kids who visit and do projects too. It’s a very welcoming place, and if you’ve never beaded before this is the best place to give it a try.

Or, if you’re already an avid beader, then this is a fantastic place to purchase supplies at. She has so many beautiful colors of beads that you will not be disappointed.

I also feel that her prices are very reasonable. I’ve never felt like anything was too expensive or overly inflated, which is a good feeling in this age where we’re clipping coupons and being careful not to get ripped off. On top of that, she has customer loyalty cards and for every $10.00 you spend, you get a mark. Once the card is full, you receive a one-time discount. So it’s worth it to go back and get more, because the discount’s really nice on a large purchase for all the beads you need to make Christmas gifts.

So if you’re local to the area, and need a new activity to try or just are in search of a good bead supply, A Bead Just So comes highly recommended. You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ABeadJustSo