So the time came to do another craft show! Same place as the holiday one, but with twice as many vendors!

We learned a lot from the first craft show, like not wanting to be up until 1am the night before crafting the last of your flowers. Yeah, that was definitely out. Instead, this time we were up until 1am finishing up other things. Gwen had things to finish pricing and tagging, while I was working on our displays.

Our table setup with displays and product.That was the other thing we learned, displays are a good thing. But they can be so expensive if you buy them from a store. So, with a little creative engineering, help from my dad (he worked the saw for me), craft foam, velour, self-adhesive felt, dowels, and dangly doo-dads; I made a set of displays that honestly look pretty freaking awesome for what they are. They’re extremely lightweight too, which makes them super easy to transport and use. These displays absolutely were one of my better ideas. No doubt about that.

So overall, we had a much better display this time, a much larger inventory, and a better working knowledge of how the flow of things would go once we were there.

Unfortunately, we only sold one flower. While that was surprising and a bit disappointing, we can accept it because we made a lot of great connections. Connections are just as valuable, and because of it we have been offered the chance to not only sell our wares at a future event, but to perform at it as well. That’s a very exciting step for us! More information on that as it gets closer.

Not having sold a lot also means I will be listing some of those items over on Etsy. So you’ll want to keep an eye on it if you’re still looking for your favorite amongst the flowers.

Of course, never forget that we also take custom orders. This was something we also reminded people of while we were at the event, because we’re only two people. There’s no way for us to possibly conceive a flower that’s perfect for everyone who walks by. 😉

Something else that we ran into a lot yesterday though, were people who kept saying “I wish I knew a little girl I could give this to”, or something to that nature. We’ve never envisioned these to be just for little girls (after all, we wear them), but it seemed like the right demographic wasn’t passing by yesterday either. So, the crowd does matter as to whether or not you will be able to sell anything. So next time, next time we’ll do better.

Next time we also plan on not having to do anything the night before the event. Even though we were much more organized before this one, we still didn’t have the timing quite right.

So, from our second event we’re taking away more knowledge, great connections, and prospects for future events. Looking forward to it!