You’ll find many diverse pieces in our Etsy shop.  However there’ll be some very lovely items that we will rarely have in inventory but will be more than happy to make just for you on demand. One such item is Super Duo Necklaces (named for the long beads primarily used to make them).

Super Duo Necklace

Super Duo Necklace

These are gorgeous necklaces but since they’re so customizable and time consuming to make, we’re not going to hammer these out in bulk. Don’t let that stop you though from ordering one of these pretties! (Perhaps with a nice set of earrings to match! lol)

Necklace w/Earrings

Necklace with Matching Earrings

These necklaces are priced at $60 a piece – basically because of the amount of beads that go into them, plus the five to six hours of actual work that goes into making one.
(Earrings to match would be an extra $11.)

So now that you’re chomping at the bit for one, just what color choices does one have?

Honestly the sky’s the limit, but as these necklaces are actually made up of several different beads I’ll break down the anatomy of one to give you a better understanding of what you’re looking at:

Anatomy of a necklace

Breakdown of what types of beads make up a necklace

Each set of beads can be its own color.
We will allow for some extra customization in extending the super duo colors up to four, which can give you an effect similar to this:


Example 1 – Adding two super duo colors

You can also alternate blossom colors.

Other Color Alternates

Example 2 – Adding a super duo and a 4mm color

As you can see, you can add more than just super duo colors.
However each color added will increase the price by $10.  This is because we have to buy a whole other set of beads to add a color even if it’s just to the tips of the petals as in Example 1, or a transition color as in Example 2.
Even though both examples above look very different and utilize the added colors in very different ways, both would be priced at $80 because they both incorporate two extra colors.

Still, if that’s the look you’re going for, then go for it!

When ordering, also let us know if you have a fastener preference (either a lobster claw or a toggle clasp, or something else that trips your trigger like a magnetic fastener). If you’d rather the fastener be a specific color, let us know that too. If you don’t tell us, we’ll just pick what we feel will work best for your necklace.

These necklaces are approximately 17-18″ long, which fits most people just fine. If you’d like yours longer (or shorter) than that, just let us know and we’ll work with you to get the right length produced. In most cases changing the necklace length will not affect the price and we’ll let you know ahead of time if it will.

So there you have it!

We hope this buying guide gets you excited about Super Duo Necklaces and we hope to have the opportunity to make one for you!